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Our series

To share our passion for cinema, the Cinéma Public team presents several bold thematic series. We invite you to (re)discover Montreal and Italy, underrated films, feminine perspectives — and much more.

Notre série cELLEuloid


cELLEuloid is a monthly series of films directed by women and women-identifying people. It aims to create a space to showcase all genres and levels, from classics to cult hits to Montreal premieres! 


Notre série : cinéastes coeur à coeur

Cinéastes cœur à cœur

In this new program, we invite a guest filmmaker to present their film and share a Canadian film they love — then, there's an in-person conversation between the two directors.


Jack Nance dans Eraserhead

Les insomniaques

Giving free rein to their instincts and whimsical desires, this series is distinguished by crazy and uncompromising films for the most reckless filmgoers.


Notre série : Lucrecia Martel

Lucrecia Martel

In February and March 2022, we dove into the audacious, cerebral, and sensuous world of Argentinian auteure Lucrecia Martel.


Notre série : vues de quartier

Neighbourhood stories

A screen in Montreal should show Montreal on-screen! This series embodies our local and community spirit by featuring films that are shot or directed by local artists.


Totally Fucked Up de Gregg Araki

Pride Month

A double feature on the theme of queer adolescence as part of Pride Month! We're happy to present Gregg Araki's Totally Fucked Up and Maria Maggenti's The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love




Poorly distributed, suppressed, censored, forgotten, unknown — the “Underexposed” series aims to bring to light films that have remained in the shadows for far too long.


Notre série : voyages en Italie

Voyages in Italy

In a nod to Casa d'Italia and its home in Little Italy, this series invites you to travel to the four corners of the country, along real and surreal paths.


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