About Cinéma Public

A cinema in movement, on screens big and small

Last spring, Cinéma Public started on the small screen, with online programming. Then we moved to the big screen in locations across Montreal; since September, we’ve been at the cosy Casa d’Italia.

Now, due to COVID-19 health restrictions, Cinéma Public has exclusively returned to the small screen — but big and small cinephiles alike will find what they’re looking for in our eclectic, carefully selected online programming.

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Our team

Roxanne Sayegh

Aude Renaud-Lorrain

Florence Herbaut
Communications and Audience Development Manager

Guillaume Potvin
Coordonnateur Programming and technical coordinator

Heather Thompson
Digital development manager

Charlotte Lehoux
Theatre manager

Theatre manager

Our board of directors

Cinéma Public thanks the members of its board of directors for their contributions and expertise:
Nadine Medawar, chair; Luc Déry, vice-chair; Jean-Marc Krupa, treasurer; Robert Yalden, secretary; Suna Ekmekcioglu, Roxanne Sayegh et Tao Fei.

Cinéma Public,
a cinema on the move