Maksim Blinov dans le film ONE MAN DIES A MILLION TIMES de Jessica Oreck

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305 Bellechasse

A former Catelli pasta factory, located at the confluence of Petite-Patrie, Mile-End and Little Italy, has become over the years a refuge for many renowned artists. But real estate speculation has caused the eviction of artists from their studios, making their practice more precarious.

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Un été comme ça

Invited to a rest home to explore their sexual disorders, three young women spend their days and nights taming their inner demons. Under the quiet supervision of a caring therapist and social worker, the group tries to keep a fragile balance.

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Le rêve et la radio

Destiny makes Constance and Beatrice stumble upon Raoul Debord, a mystery-man at the head of a clandestine revolutionary organisation, whose upcoming mission is to hijack all the city’s radio waves.

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Petits cinéphiles series

A screening for the whole family

Every Sunday, in the late morning or early afternoon, we schedule a screening for the whole family. Carefully selected films for different age groups will delight both young and old.

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New product

Ciné-carte of 6 tickets

We recently announced a downward adjustment to our ticket prices. The icing on the cake: we are now offering a six-ticket value “ciné-carte” for $50 at regular rate or $40 for students and seniors. Even more savings, without any expiration date!

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