TJ Ballantyne (Dave Turner) et son chien dans une scène du film The Old Oak

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Yara (Ebla Mari) prend des photos dans un pub dans une scène du film The Old Oak de Ken Loach

The Old Oak

Local pub The Old Oak had long been the meeting place in a small North Country former mining town. But with the sudden arrival of a group of Syrian refugees, the habits and certainties of the locals are shaken up. A powerful lesson in courage and openness.

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Quatre personnes couchées au sol dans une scène du film Les mystères du château de Dé de Man Ray.

Return to Reason

Modern art icon Man Ray directed four short films. Jim Jarmusch and Carter Logan composed a soundtrack to these films as if they were forming one unique piece. An undefinable object, a piece of visual music that resonates through its modernity and poetry.

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Fouille archéologique dans une scène du film La Chimera

La Chimera

“The Englishman”, a mystical archaeologist fresh out of prison, reunites with his band of grave robbers in search of a legendary doorway to the afterlife. One thing leads to another, and he becomes embroiled in an international network of stolen Etruscan artifacts.

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Une scène en costumes d'époque dans le film Caffè Italia Montréal de Paul Tana

Starting May 30

From Italy to Montreal

In partnership with Istituto Italiano di Cultura and Tënk, Cinéma Public presents three feature-length films by Italian-Quebec filmmakers who, in their own way, reflect on the memory and heritage of a community that has been at the very heart of the development of our beloved metropolis.


Des spectateurs participent à une discussion suite à une projection de film, dans le cadre du projet Ensemble au cinéma du Cinéma Public.

Ensemble au cinéma

Over 4,000 participants!

Through the “Ensemble au cinéma” cultural mediation project, we are pursuing an objective that is close to our hearts: to make the cinema a place where people can live together, where the experience of films is lived, shared and developed through exchange and discussion.

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