Une femme et un chien dans une scène du film L'île de Sukwan

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Laurie Babin et Juliette Gariépy dans une scène du film Les chambres rouges

Les chambres rouges

The high-profile case of serial killer Ludovic Chevalier has just gone to trial, and Kelly-Anne is obsessed. When reality blurs with her morbid fantasies, she goes down a dark path to seek the final piece of the puzzle: the missing video of a murdered 13-year-old girl.

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Image tirée du film Les mains négatives de Marguerite Duras

Les mains négatives + The Wild Blue Yonder

Olivia Tapiero has chosen two films made from scraps of other films, residues used to comment obliquely on the ravages of the West.

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Kokomo City

Filmmaker D. Smith passes the mic to four Black transgender sex workers in Atlanta and New York City, who unapologetically break down the walls of their profession. Holding nothing back, the film vibrates with energy, sex, challenge, and hard-earned wisdom.

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La distribution du film Asteroid City

In theatre

Our fall programming

We resumed our six-days-a-week schedule at Casa d’Italia. We look forward to welcoming you with a terrific line-up: films by Wes Anderson, Ingmar Bergman, Celine Song, Olivier Godin, Ari Aster, and many more!


Une méduse sous la glace dans une scène du film The Wild Blue Yonder

Starting September 30

Literary screenings

Cinéma Public and Les petites productions join forces to present three film evenings hosted by renowned Montreal authors: Olivia Tapiero, Alain Farah and Daphné B.

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Jacques Fieschi dans une scène du film Le champignon des Carpathes

Our series

Champ libre: free rein to our filmmakers

All our good ideas are based on the same principle: the experience of films is best shared. It is in this spirit that we present Champ Libre, a new series of screenings where films are selected by guests. In addition to the literary screenings, we’re continuing to give free rein to local filmmakers with Jean-Claude Biette’s Le Champignon des Carpathes, chosen by Olivier Godin.

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