Une adolescente se baigne dans le film JOUVENCELLES de Fanie Pelletier

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Big Fight in Little Chinatown

In the early 20th century, Chinatowns began to appear in North American cities. Today, they are threatened by developers keen to exploit the land for its real estate value.

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Un groupe de jeunes dans le film JOUVENCELLES de Fanie Pelletier


Through images gleaned from the web and live videos of teenage girls around the world, Jouvencelles delicately observes a hyper-connected but isolated generation, inhabited by a powerful lucidity, and a need for self-affirmation in the face of alienation.

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Anna Cobb dans le film WE'RE ALL GOING TO THE WORLD'S FAIR de Jane Schoenbrun

We’re All Going to the World’s Fair

Late on a cold night, teenage Casey decides to take the World’s Fair Challenge, an online role-playing horror game. Slowly, she begins to lose herself, caught between dream and reality.

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Marusya Syroechkovskaya se filme dans son documentaire HOW TO SAVE A DEAD FRIEND

February 2023

Front facing camera: Teenage self-portraits

Each of the films in this series, in its own way, bears witness to the realities of young people here and elsewhere, as well as to the possibilities and problems raised by the widespread adoption of new digital self-representation practices.

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Notre public lors d'une projection organisée dans le cadre du projet Ensemble au cinéma

Ensemble au cinéma

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Help us make the Ensemble au cinéma project, a series of 200 screenings for diverse audiences, a reality. Each workshop will involve the participation of mediators, local artisans, and other guests.

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Katia et Maurice Krafft dans la série animée CULOTTÉES

Series : Petits cinéphiles

Screenings for the whole family

Every week, in the late morning or early afternoon, we schedule screenings for the whole family. Carefully selected films for different age groups will delight both young and old.

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