Chantal Akerman et Claire Wauthion dans JE TU IL ELLE

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2012/Dans le coeur

What remains of the 2012 Quebec student protests? Little has changed in the decade that ensued. Rodrigue Jean and Arnaud Valade exhume images of the battles, recorded live and relayed through the mass media, that flared up as anger and indignation went head-to-head with the rhetoric of power.

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Big Fight in Little Chinatown

In the early 20th century, Chinatowns began to appear in North American cities. Today, they are threatened by developers keen to exploit the land for its real estate value.

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J’ai placé ma mère

This documentary film immerses us in the personal experience of the filmmaker and his sister, who want to ensure that their mother ends her days with dignity in the CHSLD system. In the maze of this incredible ordeal, Desjardins casts a very tender eye on his mother.

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Cinéma Public + Julie Delporte

Je, tu, il, elle by Chantal Akerman

Comic book artist Julie Delporte has put together a program of four films for us, and designed a poster for each of them. Discover the one created for Je, tu, il, elle, Chantal Akerman’s first feature film.

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Notre public lors d'une projection organisée dans le cadre du projet Ensemble au cinéma

Ensemble au cinéma

At the movies, together

Help us make the Ensemble au cinéma project, a series of 200 screenings for diverse audiences, a reality. Each workshop involves the participation of mediators, local artisans, and other guests.

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Series : Petits cinéphiles

Screenings for the whole family

Every week, in the late morning or early afternoon, we schedule screenings for the whole family. Carefully selected films for different age groups will delight both young and old.

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