Petits cinéphiles

“Cinema is childhood”
—Serge Daney

At Cinéma Public, we firmly believe that cinema can contribute to the education of children. The seventh art allows them to open their imagination to new worlds, while providing them with keys to better understand the real world. We also believe that children’s films can benefit parents, helping them to rediscover a capacity for wonder that too often dulls in adulthood. That’s why every Sunday, in the late morning or early afternoon, we schedule a screening for the whole family. Carefully selected films for different age groups will delight both young and old.

This fall, for all screenings in the Petits cinéphiles series, take advantage of a $2 discount per admission with the promotional code JEUNESSE.

Program for youth


30 portraits of women, known or unknown, who dared to shatter prejudices and changed the world in their own way. Apache warrior or Hollywood mermaid, lighthouse keeper or troll creator, explorer or astronaut and many others in 30 episodes of 3 minutes 30 each.

Mai Nguyen, Charlotte Cambon

language: French

105 min

Program for youth

Drôles d'oiseaux + Les astres immobiles

Two stories: that of Ellie, a young birdwatching enthusiast who finds herself on an island full of birds, and that of Chenghua, who has too much on her shoulders and dreams of the wonders of Space.

Charlie Belin, Noémie Gruner, Séléna Picque

language: français

60 min

Past program

Moules-Frites + Louise et la légende du serpent à plumes

A new program for young and old alike! Moules-Frites tells the story of Noée, 9 years old, who has just joined her mother on the Breton island of Benac’h. Louise et la légende du serpent à plumes follows 9-year-old Louise as she and her family move to Mexico City.

Nicolas Hu, Hefang Wei

language: French

52 min

Past program

Panique au village

Co-Boy and Indian are professionals in disaster. This time, they want to wish Cheval a happy birthday. What gift? A do-it-yourself barbecue! Nice idea, except that the order goes wrong, and Co-Boy and Indian get a billion bricks delivered!

Stéphane Aubier, Vincent Patar
Belgium, Luxemburg, France

language: French

76 min

Program for youth

REGARD à distance

Cinéma Public is pleased to renew its collaboration with REGARD, the international short film festival in Saguenay. We present a selection of short films for children from the 26th edition of the festival, for a screening that will captivate the whole family!

Various filmmakers

language: various
subtitles: French

60 min

Programme jeunesse

Short films from FIFEM

A program of short films for little film lovers aged 3 and up! Carefully selected by the Festival international du film pour enfants de Montréal (FIFEM), these short films will offer the little ones a colourful, captivating and caring entry into the world of cinema.

55 min

Cinéma Public,
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