Écran solaire

Free programs | July 10-15, 2023

Come and bask in the rays of our projectors! Cinéma Public presents Écran solaire, a free film festival to be held from 10 to 15 July 2023 at the Livart and Casa d’Italia. Short films, video art, documentaries or docufiction, breakdance, state of the world, animal fresco… there’s something for everyone in this selection of free programs, all of which will take place in the presence of guests.

Project funded by the Ville de Montréal

Écran solaire - Casa d'Italia

Animal Macula

Animal Macula is the result of in-depth archaeological work into the depiction of animals in world cinema over the past 125 years. Sylvain L’Espérance provides a thoughtful compilation that highlights the complex relationship between humans and animals.

Sylvain L'Espérance
Quebec (Canada)

language: no dialogue

81 min

Écran solaire - Livart


Popularized in New York in the 1970s, the movement took hold in Montreal a few years later, establishing a rich tradition that is still active today. Dancer Léo Caron, aka Bboy Fléau, traces this history using video archives and interviews with pioneers of the style.

Léo Caron
Québec (Canada)

language: French
subtitles: English, French

50 min

Écran solaire - Casa d'Italia


In the remote town of Destor, along Highway 101 North, Anick sets up in the home of Jessie and Scott to shoot a documentary about rebuilding marital relationships after prison. The project changes drastically when Anick develops an obsessive passion for the woman.

Lawrence Côté-Collins
Québec (Canada)

language: French

80 min

Écran solaire - Livart

L'été c'est trop courts

It’s sunny, it’s hot, get out your shorts! Come and cool off with the finest short films presented by Plein(s) Écran(s) in collaboration with Cinéma Public. We present a summer program worthy of Yves Court-beil’s Wheel of Fortune.

68 min

Homegrown cinema

L'histoire jugera

For 6 years, Germán Gutiérrez was at the forefront of the crucial historic period for Colombia that ended with the election of Gustavo Petro, an ex-guerrilla, as the country’s president. There he met ex-combatants, many of them women, Afro-Colombians and indigenous people.

Germán Gutiérrez
Québec (Canada)

language: Spanish
subtitles: French

140 min

Écran solaire - Livart

OK LÀ présente : Sabrina Ratté

OK LÀ invite you to discover the video works of Montreal artist Sabrina Ratté, which exist in a realm that blurs the boundaries between the tangible and the virtual.

Sabrina Ratté
Québec (Canada)

language: no dialog

46 min

Cinéma Public,
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