FIKA(S) 2024

For the second time, Cinéma Public joins forces with FIKA(S) to put the spotlight on Nordic and Scandinavian cinema. This year, we invite you to discover the world of Tove Jansson, free woman, artist, writer and creator of the Moomins, true icons in Finland and the Nordic countries. We’ll be showing Tove (2020), a biographical film about the author and her extraordinary destiny, as well as Les Moomins et la chasse à la comète (2010), a superb incursion of her famous characters into the world of animation. Something to delight both young and old! Dive into Scandinavian nordicity with Vintersaga (2023), a touching documentary by Carl Olsson that celebrates human warmth nestled in the gentle melancholy of the Swedish winter.

FIKA(S) — Festival nordique

FIKAS 2024

Les Moomins et la chasse à la comète

Everything in the valley is covered in gray dust! With the help of his father, Moomin and his worried friends build the strongest raft and set off on a wild adventure to the Isolated Mountains Observatory.

Maria Lindberg
Finland, United Kingdom, Poland

language: French

75 min

FIKA(S) 2024


Who is Tove Jansson, the famous creator of the Moomins? From bohemian Helsinki to post-war Paris, Tove takes us into the whirlwind of her life as an artist and her all-consuming love for Vivica Bandler, and invites us into her imaginary world: the Valley of the Moomins.

Zaida Bergroth
Finland, Sweden

language: Swedish, Finnish, English
subtitles: French

100 min

FIKA(S) 2024


A captivating mosaic of moments in life, gleaned from the Swedish people struggling with the rigors of winter. The film revels in the incongruities emanating from these tableaux, each scene functioning as a little theater of the human comedy.

Carl Olsson

language: Swedish
subtitles: English

81 min

Cinéma Public,
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