Julie Delporte

Posters designed by Julie Delporte are now available for purchase at Casa d’Italia, during screening hours!

The universe of Montreal comic book artist Julie Delporte, with its flowing lines and bold colours, filled with reflections in neat cursive, is nourished by the intimate experiences of its creator, the people she has known, the books she has read… and the films that have marked her. Delporte constantly invites cinema into her books. This spring, we are inviting this much-loved author to the cinema. From the beginning of April, we will present a programme of four films selected by the artist, all directed by women, and for which Delporte has designed original posters. The first screening of each film will be followed by a discussion between the artist and a special guest – all women again, in keeping with the feminism that drives her.

We thank the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec for its financial support.


Julie Delporte

Je, tu, il, elle

A young girl leaves her town after a difficult love affair and takes refuge in a room in another town. Later, she leaves this room, stops a truck on the side of the highway and spends most of the night with the truck driver, a man who could have been a friend.

Chantal Akerman
Belgium, France

language: French

86 min

Julie Delporte

Nenette et Boni

Working as a pizza maker, Boni, a withdrawn teenager, has been living in the family apartment since the death of his mother. He hates his father and takes care of his sister, Antoinette, of whom Boni has no news. One night, his sister appears at his house…

Claire Denis

language: French, English, Vietnamese
subtitles: English

103 min

Julie Delporte


Wanda can no longer stand the miserable environment in which she lives. Fired from her factory job, she decides to leave her family without looking back. Wandering through the city, without the slightest resource, she ends up clinging to a shabby traveler’s clerk.

Barbara Loden
United States

language: English
subtitles: French

102 min

Julie Delporte

Wendy and Lucy

Wendy decides to go to Alaska with her dog Lucy to find a job. Arriving in Oregon and having no money, the young woman is forced to steal in a supermarket, to finally be arrested by the police. Meanwhile, Lucy disappears…

Kelly Reichardt
United States

language: English
subtitles: French

80 min

Cinéma Public,
a cinema on the move