Syria Sees You

From June 7 to 9, 2023

Regards Syriens collective, in collaboration with Cinéma Public, presents this 7th edition of the contemporary Syrian cinema screening series Syria Sees YouThis edition is an opportunity to glimpse the multitude of Syrian experiences through the artful eyes and lenses of some of the most talented Syrian filmmakers. By sharing their unique perspectives, these filmmakers give us openings into the Syrian present as it is lived in its many modes, sites and conditions. In their filmic takes on Syrian realities, we see the deep reverberations of the 2011 Syrian revolutionary uprising, both in personal and private lives, as well as in familial, communal and societal settings. As this selection of films attests, a new Syrian present is in the making, and a new cinematic engagement is interpreting it, while contributing to its becoming.

Regards syriens

Syria Sees You

A Comedian in a Syrian Tragedy

Fares Helou is one of the most famous actors in Syria. Persecuted for his political opinions, he leaves the country. But as soon as he’s settled in Paris, the pain of exile starts.

Rami Farah
France, Denmark, Syria, Jordan, Norway, Qatar

language: Arabic
subtitles: English

95 min

Syria Sees You

Becoming Iphigenia

Nine young refugee women are brought together in a staging of Euripides’ tragedy. They discover that though they had left Syria to escape pain and possible death, they actually carried these wherever they went. This special screening will be preceded by three short films.

Reem Al-Ghazzi
Syria, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia

language: Arabic
subtitles: English

72 min

Syria Sees You

Flood + La terre de Gevar

A resident of a flooded city shares the sorrow of loss and relives the feeling of fear and powerlessness; Gevar learns to cultivate a plot of land in a new country.

Double bill

89 min

Cinéma Public,
a cinema on the move