Cinépistolaire is available in full!

All five episodes of Cinépistolaire, our original project of filmed correspondence between filmmakers, are now available. We could hardly be more proud. The correspondences are beautiful and waiting to be seen!

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International cinema


In June of 1982, Israel invaded Lebanon. For a dreamer like Wissam, who is more likely to be drawing than playing football, it’s hard to comprehend the gravity of the impending violence. But for his teachers, the jets in the sky signal something greater.

Oualid Mouaness
Lebanon, Norway, France

language: Arabic, English
subtitles: French

100 min

Homegrown Cinema

Au-delà des hautes vallées

In a remote himalayan region, the villagers of Maikot are preparing for the harvest of a mysterious aphrodisiac caterpillar-mushroom worth more than gold.

Maude Plante-Husaruk, Maxime Lacoste-Lebuis
Québec (Canada)

language: Nepalese
subtitles: French

84 min

Homegrown cinema

Damascus Dreams

Émilie Serri was born in Canada. She had only visited Syria, her father’s country, a few times prior to the start of the civil war. Following her grandmother’s death, a desire grew within her to form a stronger connection to this country of which she knew so little.

Émilie Serri

language: French, Arabic
subtitles: French or English

84 min

Homegrown cinema

In the Waves

An expressive documentary that depicts the life of 80 years old Joan Alma Mills in her aging coastal village. In the Waves is an ebb and flow between dream and reality, past and present, a glimpse of childhood and an encounter with the end-of-life.

Jacquelyn Mills
Quebec (Canada)

language: English
subtitles: French

60 min

Homegrown cinema

Je me souviens d'un temps où personne ne joggait dans ce quartier

A spotlight on the many faces of Park Ex, this film hints at the relentless gentrification threatening the social fabric of a neighbourhood.

Jenny Cartwright

language: no dialog

78 min

Homegrown cinema

The End of Wonderland

The End of Wonderland is a feature documentary on Tara Emory, a veteran artist who works on her own terms in the sex industry, facing a changing world and eviction from her packed studio, Wonderland.

Laurence Turcotte-Fraser
Québec, Canada

language: English
subtitles: French

85 min

Homegrown cinema

Un été comme ça

Invited to a rest home to explore their sexual disorders, three young women spend their days and nights taming their inner demons. Under the quiet supervision of a caring therapist and social worker, the group tries to keep a fragile balance.

Denis Côté
Québec (Canada)

language: French

137 min

Cinéma Public,
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