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Cinépistolaire, an original creation

Ten Canadian filmmakers. Five filmed correspondences. Cinéma Public is proud to present Cinépistolaire, our very first original creation. From these exchanges of filmed letters, a unique cinematic space is born, where each person’s voice and gaze simultaneously listen to the other and unveil the self.

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Homegrown cinema

Desvío de noche (Night detour)

Following the sudden eclipse of star figure skater Violeta Martínez, a journalist travels to Violeta’s hometown, a tropical village on the West coast of Mexico. There she encounters an intricate labyrinth of clues and wrong paths, surreal tales and enigmatic characters.

Paul Chotel, Ariane Falardeau St-Amour
Québec (Canada)

language: Spanish, French, English
subtitles: English or French

96 min

Homegrown Cinema

Geographies of Solitude

An immersion into the rich ecosystem of Sable Island guided by naturalist Zoe Lucas, who has lived on this isolated piece of land in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean for over 40 years.

Jacquelyn Mills

language: English
subtitles: French

103 min

International cinema

Kokomo City

Filmmaker D. Smith passes the mic to four Black transgender sex workers in Atlanta and New York City, who unapologetically break down the walls of their profession. Holding nothing back, the film vibrates with energy, sex, challenge, and hard-earned wisdom.

D. Smith
United States

subtitles: English

73 min

International cinema

Umberto Eco : La bibliothèque du monde

With its tens of thousands of volumes, Umberto Eco’s private library was unique. Davide Ferrario attempts to capture and represent Eco’s idea of a library as the “memory of the world”.

Davide Ferrario

language: Italian
subtitles: French

80 min

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