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Cinépistolaire, an original creation

Ten Canadian filmmakers. Five filmed correspondences. Cinéma Public is proud to present Cinépistolaire, our very first original creation. From these exchanges of filmed letters, a unique cinematic space is born, where each person’s voice and gaze simultaneously listen to the other and unveil the self.

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Homegrown cinema

Celles qui luttent

Azaelle, Loue O’Farrell and LuFisto: the ruthless warriors of the ring engage in spectacular, relentless battles every weekend. Far from the galvanized crowds in front of which they perform, it’s in the intimacy of their homes that these three women open up with sensitivity.

Sarah Baril Gaudet
Québec (Canada)

language: French, English
subtitles: English

85 min

Vues de quartier

Les rayons gamma

There’s Abdel, whose quiet life is turned upside down by the arrival of his extrovert cousin, whom he takes in for the summer; Fatima, who longs for a more stable existence; Toussaint, who, on a fishing trip, finds a bottle washed up with a message inside.

Henry Bernadet
Québec (Canada)

language: French
subtitles: English

99 min

Homegrown cinema

Má Sài Gòn

In Saigon, family culture holds on against all odds, even when filial ties are broken. In a mosaic of intimate portraits, Má Sài Gòn adopts the gaze of LGBTQ+ communities to explore a deeply human quest for love, acceptance, connection and belonging.

Khoa Lê
Québec (Canada)

language: Vietnamese
subtitles: French

100 min

Homegrown cinema

Soleils Atikamekw

Manawan, 1977. A vehicle falls into a river near a Native community. Two Quebecers escape, but five Atikamekws lose their lives. While the police conclude that it was an accident, the victims’ families are left with unanswered questions.

Chloé Leriche
Québec (Canada)

language: Atikamekw, French
subtitles: French or English

103 min

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