Champ libre

All our good ideas are based on the same principle: the experience of films is best shared. It is in this spirit that we present Champ Libre, a new series of screenings where films are selected by guests. Influence, recent discovery, amused curiosity, dialogue with their work… our guests will have the opportunity to express to the public the reasons for their choice and to share what inspires them in these films. For the first chapter of the series, we’re giving free rein to local filmmakers!

Champ libre: Alain Farah

24 heures ou plus

This feature film made during an exceptionally feverish period of popular revolt that saw the coming together of Quebec’s 3 main unions (CSN, FTQ, CEQ) is a cinematic tract, propped against the backdrop of the 1970 October Crisis.

Gilles Groulx
Canada (Québec)

language: French

113 min

Champ libre: Lina Rodríguez

À nos amours

Suzanne, a fifteen-year-old Parisian, embarks on a sexual rampage in an effort to separate herself from her overbearing, beloved father, ineffectual mother, and brutish brother.

Maurice Pialat

language: French, English
subtitles: English

95 min

Champ Libre: Sylvain L'Espérance

Des racines à la lumière

Montreal artist-director Charles-André Coderre pushes the boundaries of the traditional cinematic experience. His path has led him to experimental analog production and real-time film work. His work will be screened in digital version.

Charles-André Coderre
Québec (Canada)

61 min

Champ libre: Joseph Amenta

Fish Tank

Fifteen-year-old Mia lives with her mother and sister in the Essex housing projects. Mia’s adolescent turmoil and emerging sexuality reach a boiling point when her mother’s new lover enters the picture.

Andrea Arnold
Netherlands, United Kingdom

language: English
subtitles: French

123 min

Champ libre : Émilie B. Guérette

Hale County This Morning, This Evening

An inspired and intimate portrait of two young African-Americans from rural Hale County, Alabama, shot over a five-year period.

RaMell Ross
United States

language: English
subtitles: French

76 min

Champ libre : Laurence Turcotte-Fraser

Harlan County, U.S.A.

A straightforward account of a grueling coal miners’ strike in a small Kentucky town. With unprecedented access, the camera acts as witness to a thirteen-months heartbreaking struggle between a community fighting for survival and a company intent only on profit.

Barbara Kopple
United States

language: English
subtitles: French

103 min

Champ libre: Olivier Godin

Le champignon des Carpathes

A young actress is miraculously rescued from the rubble of a nuclear explosion. Irradiated, she is treated with a curious mushroom discovered during the disaster…

Jean-Claude Biette

language: French

100 min

Literary champ libre : Olivia Tapeiro

Les mains négatives + The Wild Blue Yonder

Olivia Tapiero has chosen two films made from scraps of other films, residues used to comment obliquely on the ravages of the West.

Champ libre: Lawrence Côté-Collins

Quiconque meurt, meurt à douleur

With a news cameraman hot on their heels, two police officers raid a crack house. But things go wrong: the junkies are armed. In the stampede, the trio is taken hostage.

Robert Morin
Québec (Canada)

language: French

90 min

Champ Libre: Miryam Charles

Right Near the Beach

After the death of famous runner Jeffrey Jacobs, the Jamaican public becomes enamored with the details of his life and speculates as to the motivation for his murder. Jeffrey’s father struggles to grieve while inundated by the inescapable media coverage.

Gibrey Allen

language: English

80 min

Champ libre: Pablo Alvarez Mesa

Rites of Passage

As part of the Champ libre series, we invited Pablo Alvarez Mesa to create a program around his film Infinite Distances. He selected works by Parastoo Anoushahpour, Faraz Anoushahpour, Ryan Ferko, Melanie Shatzky and Brian M. Cassidy.

Program of three films

language: English

62 min

Champ libre: Graham Foy


Seattle, 1983. Taking to the streets of what was supposed to be America’s most livable city, a filmmaker, a photographer and a journalist set out to tell the story of those society had left behind: the homeless and teenage runaways living on the city’s margins.

Martin Bell
United States

language: English

91 min

Champ libre: Antoine Bourges

Tales of Two Who Dreamt

This film pivots on representation and self-representation. Here, a Roma family rehearses the stories of their past for the upcoming hearing on their residency status.

Andrea Bussmann, Nicolás Pereda
Canda, Mexico

language: Hungarian
subtitles: French

87 min

Champ libre: Daphné B.

The films of Sylvie Laliberté

Through Sylvie Laliberté’s films, Daphné B. is interested in self-representation, a form of orchestrated “naiveté” and the codes of femininity.

Sylvie Laliberté
Canada (Québec)

language: français

64 min

Champ libre: Jacquelyn Mills

The Street

Shot over a period of 6 years with an approach devoid of judgment or voyeurism, the film follows the rare ups and all-too-frequent downs in the lives of three homeless men — John Claven, his brother Danny, and their mentor Frank O’Malley — in downtown Montreal.

Daniel Cross
Québec (Canada)

subtitles: French

78 min

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