REGARD à distance

Various filmmakers
2022 - Courts métrages - 60 min

Youth program

REGARD à distance

Petits cinéphiles


This fall, for all screenings in the Petits cinéphiles series, take advantage of a $2 discount per admission with the promotional code JEUNESSE.


For little cinephiles aged 6 and up!


Cinéma Public is pleased to renew its collaboration with REGARD, the international short film festival in Saguenay. We present a selection of short films for children from the 26th edition of the festival, for a screening that will captivate both children and adults!


Black Slide, Uri Lotan
Israel, United Kingdom | Hebrew | 11’12 minutes
Eviah, a shy young boy on the verge of puberty, and his best friend sneak into the “Black Slide”, the most terrifying ride in Aqua Fun. It is here that Eviah will mature and prepare for the events about to unfold in his home.


Comment j’ai vaincu ma peur des humains, Hélène Ducrocq
France | French | 8’45 minutes
Daedalia is a spider. At death’s door, she wonders: if she hadn’t been so afraid of humans, could she have gone to New York with her best friend?


Dans la Nature, Marcel Barelli
Switzerland | French | 5’15 minutes
In nature, a couple is a male and a female. Well, not always! A couple is also a female and a female. Or a male and a male. You may not know it, but homosexuality is not only a human story!


La soeur de Margot, Christine Doyon
Québec | French | 16’57 minutes
Margot, a preteen girl who would like to live like other young people of her age, must deal with the reality of a disabled sister. An impromptu situation will force her to adopt a new perspective on her life.


Troll Girl, Kay Carmichael
South Africa | no dialog | 8’37 minutes
A child troll, raised by a nun in a human village, defies her own insecurities and the fears of the villagers to save her mother from danger.


Wâhkôhtowin | All My Relations, Barry Bilinsky
Territoires non cédés Amiskwaciwâskahikan | English, Cri | 5’34 minutes
The power of stories, told over many nights, over many years, in all the languages of the world, is summed up in an intimate story between a grandmother and her children’s children on a clear winter night in the teepee.


Presented in collaboration with REGARD

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