Une femme âgée repasse une chemise dans une scène du film d'animation MAMIE de Janice Nadeau

Les Filminis

Multiple directors
2024 - Courts métrages - 60 min

Ages 8 and up

Les Filminis


Cinéma Public is delighted to join forces with Les Filministes for the 7th edition of their festival! On the menu: six dynamic short films for young and old alike.


Who said feminist issues were only for grown-ups? Certainly not the Filministes! On the contrary, if the truth comes from the mouths of children, it’s because they have to learn it somewhere. We’d like to introduce your children to various feminist themes. The topics covered in this program are designed to give young people the tools they need to identify issues in their everyday lives.


La chasse aux grenouilles de la rue Wemotaci

Samélia Newashish Dubé | 2023 | Québec (Canada) | French | 4′

Sami, 13, loves animals of all shapes and sizes. In this intimate short film, she shares her frog-hunting technique, and her favorite place where she escapes to find these little amphibians.


Ni Wapiten (Je vois)

Noémie Echaquan, Julie Ottawa | 2023 | Québec (Canada) | French| 3′

Ni Wapiten is a plea for greater respect for Mother Earth. In this poetic film, we follow a child’s journey through the woods to his community’s garbage dump. He playfully reuses the garbage to build a bear, a symbol of nature.



Janice Nadeau | 2016 | Québec (Canada) | French | 6′

Mamie lives on the Gaspé Peninsula in a house with her back to the sea. Her granddaughter wonders: “Why doesn’t Mamie take any interest in her or her other grandchildren? Why doesn’t she share her affection and her beautiful blanket with me? What has happened to make Mamie so indifferent?” In this magnificent animation of hand-painted watercolors, the filmmaker reaches back into her childhood memories to deliver a touching, personal account of the transmission breakdown between herself and her Mamie.


Entre deux soeurs

Anne-Sophie Gousset, Clément Céard | 2022 | France | no dialog | 7′

Between two sisters, there’s complicity and laughter. Between two sisters, love is the driving force. Between these two sisters, there’s a little something extra, and that’s just fine.


Boat People

Kjell Boersma, Thao Lam | 2023 | Canada | French | 10′

As a child in Vietnam, Thao’s mother often rescued ants from bowls of sugar water. Years later, the ants return the favor. The animated documentary Boat People uses a striking metaphor to tell the story of a family’s flight through the tumultuous waters of history.


Peau de pêche

Justine Prince | 2023 | Québec (Canada) | French | 18′

In a suburb immersed in a scorching summer, Julia and Raphaëlle try to fight boredom as best they can. Between walking their old blind neighbor’s dogs and the urgent need to finish a music video before Raph returns to Romania, they grow up in opposite directions. This nostalgic semi-autobiographical tale recounts the last moments of that inevitable in-between summer of childhood and adolescence.


*The screening will be followed by a discussion in the presence of director Grace Singh.

FST - French subtitles
EST - English subtitles
CC - Closed captions

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