Dessin d'un chat blanc avec une brochure touristique dans le film CAT LAKE CITY

Short films from FIFEM

 - Animation - 55 min

Dessin d'un chat blanc avec une brochure touristique dans le film CAT LAKE CITY

Youth program

Short films from FIFEM

Petits cinéphiles

This fall, for all screenings in the Petits cinéphiles series, take advantage of a $2 discount per admission with the promotional code JEUNESSE.


For little moviegoers aged 3 and up! 


Carefully selected by the Festival international du film pour enfants de Montréal (FIFEM), these short films will offer the little ones a colourful, captivating and caring entry into the world of cinema.


Cat Lake City by Antje Heyn
Germany | 2019 | 7′


Nest by Sonja Rohleder
Germany | 2019 | 4′


Le dernier jour d’automne by Lynn Gerlach
Switzerland | 2019 | 7′


Hangend by Mathieu Georis
Belgium | 2019 | 2′


Fluffy Hour by Mizoguchi Hiroyuki
Japan | 2019 | 5′


The Concrete Jungle by Marie Urbánková
Czech Republic | 2019 | 7′


The Night Fairytale by Stepanova Maria
Russia | 2019 | 6′


Robot and the Whale by Jonas Forsman
Sweden | 2019 | 7′


I’m Not Scared of the Crocodile by Anna Solanas et Marc Riba
Spain | 2018 | 4′


Cloudy by Zuzana Čupová et Filip Diviak
Czech Republic | 2018 | 6′

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