Mush-Mush, Lilit et Sep dans une scène du film MUSH-MUSH ET LE PETIT MONDE DE LA FORÊT

Mush-mush et le petit monde de la forêt

2021 - Animation - 44 min

Ages 3 and up

Mush-mush et le petit monde de la forêt

Petits cinéphiles

France, Belgium

If you thought you knew everything about the little world of the forest, you haven’t met Mush-Mush, Lilit and Sep yet. Every day, the trio of inseparable fungi friends are drawn into new adventures: saving a hundred-year-old tree, protecting a tree frog or flying away on the back of a dragonfly – it’s always an exciting day ahead! A program of three short films.


Le gardien de la forêt

All the fungi friends have a special gift: Lilit can illuminate the dark, and Sep has a fantastic memory! While his friends have perfectly mastered theirs, Mush-Mush has no idea what his gift is for. But in the heart of the Deep Forest, he’s about to discover just what his talent is…


Rainette sans abri

While visiting a tree frog, Mush-Mush and his friends discover that it has been chased out of its tree by a lizard. Lilit decides to take the tree frog back with them to Sève-les-Pins, without suspecting the upheaval this idea will cause!


Le pollen et les abeilles

Today, Mush-Mush has decided to climb the north face of Mont Moussu! But that’s without taking into account Sep’s plans to give the bees a helping hand as they pollinate the flowers in the meadow. Will Mush-Mush have the patience to complete this delicate task before embarking on new adventures?

FST - French subtitles
EST - English subtitles
CC - Closed captions

Cinéma Public,
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