Regard à distance : Grandes vues

2022.2023 - Courts métrages - 70 min

Ages 8 and up

Regard à distance : Grandes vues

Petits cinéphiles

Cinéma Public is pleased to renew its collaboration with REGARD, Saguenay’s international short film festival. We present a selection of children’s short films from the 27th edition of the festival, for a screening that will captivate the whole family!


À mort le bikini !

Justine Gauthier | 2023 | Québec (Canada) | 16’36

Lili, 10, rebels when her parents force her to wear a bikini top, even though she has always bathed topless.



Pierre-Hughes Dallaire, Benoit Therriault | 2022 | Québec (Canada) | 12’05

A young boy works in an underground coal mine with adults, caring for the canary that detects the deadly methane.


Jeunes Moteurs

Séléna Harvey-Laforge | 2022 | Québec (Canada) | 5’46

Documentary-portrait about William, a 12-year-old with a passion for mechanics. He takes us into his world and shares his latest creation with us.


Paperi (Le papier)

Katariina Haukka | 2022 | Finland | 4′ 47

Artist Marja tracks down a sheet of paper that is trying to escape her. At the same time, she manages to turn her room upside down. A show bursting with color!



Didier Charette | 2022 | Québec (Canada) | 12’45

When Ryan and Jo, his imaginary friend, embark on their ultimate mission together, Ryan must confront his greatest fear.


Cat and Moth (Chat et papillon de nuit)

India Barnardo | 2021 | Canada, England | 7′ 20

An adorable white cat wants nothing more than to find the coziest place in the universe, but she doesn’t yet know that someone else covets the spot too.



Danny Schmidt | 2022 | United States | 10′

Janwaar celebrates a turbulent group of young people whose lives are transformed when a skatepark is built in their small village in India. Raw talent, creativity and pure youth find a home on four wheels, and succeed in breaking down generations of caste and gender barriers.


Ages 8 and up

FST - French subtitles
EST - English subtitles
CC - Closed captions

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