Moomin et ses amis dans une scène du film Les Moomins et la chasse à la comète

Les Moomins et la chasse à la comète

Maria Lindberg
2010 - Animation - 75 min

Ages 5 and up

Les Moomins et la chasse à la comète

Petits cinéphiles FIKA(S) 2024

Finland, United Kingdom, Poland

One day, Moomin notices something strange in the valley. Everything is covered in gray dust: the grass, the river, the trees, even the Moomin house! The erudite Muskrat explains to Moomin that these are the harbingers of a terrible fate for the land… With the help of his father, Moomin and his worried friends build the strongest raft and set off on a wild adventure to the Isolated Mountains Observatory. The wise professors are sure to be able to explain the threat from outer space!


Co-presented with FIKA(S) as part of the Festival’s 2024 edition.

FST - French subtitles
EST - English subtitles
CC - Closed captions

Cinéma Public,
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