Neige et les arbres magiques

2014 - Animation - 52 min

Ages 3 and up

Neige et les arbres magiques

Petits cinéphiles


A program for young and old alike! From the savannah to the far north, from an adventurous tree to a lazy little boy, let yourself be carried away in four adventures that rival each other in imagination and tenderness.


Tigres à la queue leu leu

Benoit Chieux | France | 2014 | 6 minutes

A very lazy boy, scolded by his mother who can’t stand seeing him sleep and eat all day long, decides to get to work and reveals unsuspected resources of imagination, inventiveness and perseverance.


La petite pousse

Chaïtane Conversat | France | 2015 | 10 minutes

To sew herself pretty dresses, a young girl uses a magic sheet to capture flowery patterns. Every night, ants move her house from field to field. One day, a seed falls into her mouth, and a tiny shoot sprouts from her navel…


One, two, three

Yulia Aronova | France | 2014 | 7 minutes

It’s the story of a tree, a tree like any other. One fine day, he hops into a pair of boots and goes for a walk. Shaking up traditions, he invites everyone he meets to follow him, transforming the daily routine into a merry farandole!



Antoine Lanciaux, Sophie Roze | France | 2015 | 28 minutes

On the eve of the summer vacations, Prune leaves her parents to go on a school trip for a few days. But after she leaves, an incredible snowstorm descends on the small town. Her younger brother Philémon makes a surprising discovery: an Inuit family has settled on the traffic circle near their house! The meeting of the two worlds soon turns into an adventure as tender as it is unexpected.


For little movie fans aged 3 and up.

FST - French subtitles
EST - English subtitles
CC - Closed captions

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