Sandrine Bonnaire dans une scène du film À nos amours de Maurice Pialat

À nos amours

Maurice Pialat
1983 - Drama - 95 min

International cinema

À nos amours

Champ libre

French, English

Selected as part of the series Champ libre by Lina Rodríguez, director of Mis dos voces, currently playing.


In a revelatory film debut, the dynamic, fresh-faced Sandrine Bonnaire plays Suzanne, a fifteen-year-old Parisian who embarks on a sexual rampage in an effort to separate herself from her overbearing, beloved father (played with astonishing magnetism by Pialat himself), ineffectual mother, and brutish brother. A tender character study that can erupt in startling violence, À nos amours is one of the high-water marks of eighties French cinema. (Criterion)


Best film – Cérémonie des Césars, 1984

Most promising actress : Sandrine Bonnaire – Cérémonie des Césars, 1984

FST - French subtitles
EST - English subtitles
CC - Closed captions

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