Une image tirée du film 24 heures ou plus de Gilles Groulx

24 heures ou plus

Gilles Groulx
1973 - Documentary - 113 min

Affiche du projet de projections littéraires réalisée par Walter Scott

Champ libre: Alain Farah

24 heures ou plus

Champ libre Literary screenings

Canada (Québec)

Cinéma Public and Les petites productions have teamed up to present three film evenings hosted by Montreal writers. The screening of 24 heures ou plus, selected by Alain Farah (Mille secrets, mille dangers), will be followed by a discussion between the author and Marie Leclaire.


This feature film made during an exceptionally feverish period of popular revolt that saw the coming together of Quebec’s 3 main unions (CSN, FTQ, CEQ) is a cinematic tract by socially engaged filmmaker Gilles Groulx. Propped against the backdrop of the 1970 October Crisis, the film is a frontal assault denouncing a “consumer society” viewed as the ultimate embodiment of evil. (NFB)

FST - French subtitles
EST - English subtitles
CC - Closed captions

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