Image tirée de l'oeuvre vidéo Inflorescences I © Sabrina Ratté

OK LÀ présente : Sabrina Ratté

Sabrina Ratté
 - Video art - 46 min

Image tirée de l'oeuvre vidéo Inscape © Sabrina Ratté, 2019

Free program

OK LÀ présente : Sabrina Ratté

Écran solaire

Québec (Canada)
no dialog

OK LÀ, in association with Cinéma Public, invite you to discover the video works of Montreal artist Sabrina Ratté. A facet of a protean work, Ratté’s video art exist in a realm that blurs the boundaries between abstraction and figurative representation, landscape and architecture, and the tangible and the virtual. The screening will be followed by a discussion between the artist and Alexandre Fontaine-Rousseau.


Visites possibles (2014, 7 min)

Built-in Views (2016, 9 min)

Inscape (2019, 5 min)

Jump Cut II, Part 1 (2021, 4 min)

Floralia III (2021, 4 min)

Objets-monde II (2022, 8 min)

Inflorescences III (2023, 3 min)

Inflorescences I (2023, 3 min)


OK LÀ is a series of variable-geometry events dedicated to the dissemination of experimental music and performative cinema.


Free entrance. First come, first served. Please let us know of your interest by replying to the Facebook event. In the event of inclement weather, the screening may be postponed or canceled. Please consult our website before coming. Bring your own wine.

FST - French subtitles
EST - English subtitles

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