Matteus Lunot, Harlow Joy et Zion Matheson dans une scène du film Soft de Joseph Amenta


Joseph Amenta
2022 - Drama - 87 min

Homegrown cinema


English, Tagalog

We have invited Joseph Amenta to select a film for our Champ libre series. They chose Andrea Arnold’s Fish Tank, currently playing.


SOFT follows three adolescent queer friends living in the underbelly of Toronto, relishing the freedom of summer break. Julien, a runaway, has been taken in by Dawn, a trans woman who guides him through the challenges of carving out a place for himself in the world.


Julien, alongside his friends Tony and Otis, is determined to sneak into a local gay club, yearning to experience the wonders beyond its forbidden walls. Things turn sour when the trio steal the wallet of a man Dawn knows intimately. Shortly after, Dawn fails to return home. In their attempt to confront the man, the friends set fire to the double life he leads and make a brutal discovery.


Presented in collaboration with the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma and Fondation Massimadi

FST - French subtitles
EST - English subtitles
CC - Closed captions

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