Open Doom Crescendo

Terry Chiu
2022 - Genre film - 175 min

Homegrown cinema

Open Doom Crescendo


Québec (Canada)

In the wastelands of a devastated Montreal, a band of outcasts are condemned to a gray purgatory of human pain. They clash ceaselessly, in search of the Embodiment of Angst, which will provide them with their ultimate catharsis.


Open Doom Crescendo is not simply conscious madness, or madness for the sake of it, but rather a well-thought-out (every line is carefully senarized), hilarious and daring work. The viewer is absorbed in the tortuous philosophical reflections of its characters, brilliantly clarified by Chinese/English subtitles, and a delightful script. You may not get all the answers on the first viewing, but that’s part of the concept.


Presented with a 10 minutes intermission.


In collaboration with the Fantasia International Film Festival.

FST - French subtitles
EST - English subtitles
CC - Closed captions

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