Maria Onetto dans La mujer sin cabeza de Lucrecia Martel

La mujer sin cabeza

Lucrecia Martel
2008 - Drama - 87 min

Maria Onetto dans La mujer sin cabeza de Lucrecia Martel

Lucrecia Martel Retrospective

La mujer sin cabeza

Lucrecia Martel

Argentina, France, Italy, Spain

Véro, a wealthy white woman, is driving home, when, distracted by her phone, she hits something (someone?) on the road. Has Vero killed just a dog, or one of the Indigenous boys seen playing on the road? In the aftermath of the accident, Véro lives in a state of confusion: everything to her seems disconnected. An uncanny and haunting atmosphere pervades this film, where mixed feelings of guilt and denial invoke middle-class complicity in the horrors of the Argentinian dictatorship.


Presented in partnership with Concordia University and the Consulate of Argentina in Montreal.



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