Graciela Borges et Martín Adjemián dans LA CIÉNAGA de Lucrecia Martel

La ciénaga

Lucrecia Martel
2001 - Drama - 100 min

Graciela Borges et Martín Adjemián dans LA CIÉNAGA de Lucrecia Martel

Lucrecia Martel Retrospective

La ciénaga

Lucrecia Martel

Argentina, United States, Japan, France, Switzerland, Spain, Brazil

A muddy swimming pool in a country estate and a cow marooned in a swamp constitute the backdrop where the lethargic, and probably incestuous, members of a bourgeois family in decline spend their summer. In this visceral and oppressive portrait of stagnant provincial family relations, Martel allusively denounces the inertia of the privileged white Argentinian middle-class.


Presented in partnership with Concordia University and the Consulate of Argentina in Montreal.



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