Lucrecia Martel dans le documentaire Años Luz (2017)

Años Luz

Manuel Abramovich
2017 - Documentary - 72 min

Lucrecia Martel dans le documentaire Años Luz (2017)

Lucrecia Martel Retrospective

Años Luz

Lucrecia Martel

Argentina, Brazil, Spain

In this observational documentary, young Argentinian filmmaker Manuel Abramovich (Solar, 2016) catches Martel’s meticulous attention as she directs actors and researches every detail of the mise en scène on the set of Zama. Punctuated by the epistolary correspondence between Abramovich and Martel, in which the two filmmakers negotiate each other’s presence in the documentary and on set, this intimate portrait of an artist offers a reflection on the labour of filmmaking.


Double bill with Terminal Norte.


Presented in partnership with Concordia University and the Consulate of Argentina in Montreal.



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