Image du film Zo Reken de Emmanuel Licha

zo reken

Emanuel Licha
2021 - Documentary - 86 min

Quebec (Canada)
French, Haitian Creole

The winner of the Best Canadian Feature Documentary Award at Hot Docs, this work by Montreal filmmaker Emanuel Licha looks at the powerful 4×4 vehicles that have proliferated in Haiti, and the privileged position they symbolize. The vehicle – nicknamed zo reken by locals – is used by the many NGOs that have appeared in Haiti since the 2010 earthquake; in this film, it becomes a space for Haitians’ voices to be heard. While the driver attempts to navigate the many obstacles, as well as the restive people in the street, conversations inside the car give a compelling account of the country and denounce the neocolonial and paternalistic nature of the white “saviour” figure. (


Heart to heart with Emanuel Licha and Carlos Ferrand

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