Kwon Haehyo dans le film WALK UP de Hong Sang-soo

Walk Up

Hong Sang-soo
2022 - Drama - 97 min

International cinema

Walk Up

South Korea

The journey begins at the entrance of a nicely renovated four-storey building, where Byung-soo, a well-known middle-aged director and his daughter, whom he has not seen in years, are greeted by Ms. Kim, an elegant lady and a longtime friend who owns the place. Ms. Kim is a designer and Byung-soo wants to introduce her to his daughter who intends to study interior design.


After several drinks and much philosophizing, Ms. Kim takes her guests to tour the building, floor by floor, to show them the renovations she has done. The three explore the apartments on each level, as if they were awkwardly intruding on the lives of the tenants. (TIFF)

FST - French subtitles
EST - English subtitles

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