Un peu pour mon cœur et un peu pour mon Dieu

Brita Landoff
1993 - Documentary - 58 min

NAQFF 2023

Un peu pour mon cœur et un peu pour mon Dieu

North African Queer Film Festival

Algeria, Sweden
Algerian arabic, French

The North African Queer Film Festival is presented by Dhakira Collective.


Since in Algeria most women traditionally are not allowed to mix with men, female orchestras customarily entertain gatherings of women. The Meddahates are then women musicians who perform for other women. Though they are much in demand, they are held in low esteem. Many are widowed or divorced and have fallen on hard times. This film is a portrait of one such orchestra. Only a woman filmmaker could have penetrated this closed environment and captured on film such a spontaneous and colorful portrait. 


Presented in collaboration with FIFA.


Free entrance. First come, first served. Please let us know of your interest by replying to the Facebook event.

FST - French subtitles
EST - English subtitles
CC - Closed captions

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