Très belle journée

Patrice Laliberté
2022 - Drama - 75 min

Homegrown cinema

Très belle journée


Jeremie, a bike messenger, travels the city at full speed; he delivers anonymous backpacks, blindly following the instructions of his boss Dom. Lonely and routine, Jérémie records a podcast in which he shares his conspiratorial vision of the world. His daily life is disrupted by the arrival of a new neighbour, a famous Instagrammer for whom he develops a fascination.


As part of the Cinéastes cœur à cœur series, we have invited Patrice Laliberté to select one of his favourite films from the contemporary Canadian cinema repertoire. He has chosen Simon Sauvé’s JIMMYWORK which will be presented on Saturday, June 18th at 6:00 pm. This screening will be followed by a discussion between the two filmmakers.

  • Saturday, June 18, 18:00
    Last chance
    With Patrice Laliberté in attendance

    Casa d'Italia

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