Tori et Lokita

Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne
2022 - Drama - 88 min

International cinema

Tori et Lokita

Belgium, France

Young Tori and a teenage girl, Lokita, arrived alone from Africa and discover the strange life that awaits them in their country of exile, Belgium. They met while crossing the Mediterranean and became inseparable, brother and sister at heart. Tori, who was considered a child sorcerer in his country of origin, Benin, was granted refugee status. But Lokita is unable to obtain the papers that would give her the right to live in Belgium and to start the training as a housekeeper she dreams of.


Prix Spécial, Cannes Film Festival, 2022.

  • Friday, December 16, 20:15
    Casa d'Italia

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