Tilda Swinton dans le film THE ETERNAL DAUGHTER de Joanna Hogg

The Eternal Daughter

Joanna Hogg
2022 - Drama - 96 min

International cinema

The Eternal Daughter


United States, United Kingdom

In this ghost story, a middle-aged girl and her older mother must face long-buried secrets. This haunting mystery from director Joanna Hogg (The Souvenir) stars Tilda Swinton in a mesmerizing performance as a woman forced to confront past memories while visiting an eerily empty old manor.


Elegantly shot on 35mm film in Panavision, with an evocative score and howling, wintry winds, The Eternal Daughter’s narrative is suffused with the spectre of loss and the remembrance of things past, ingeniously playing with the conventions of the ghost story without abandoning a warm and humanist beating heart. (TIFF)

  • Saturday, February 18, 20:45
    Last chance

    Casa d'Italia

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