Des figurants dans un extrait de film cité dans Jill, Uncredited

RIDM Award Winners: Short films

Various filmmakers
2023 - Documentary - 72 min

Une femme kurde assise sur la berge d'une rivière dans le film Ever Since, I've Been Flying

Program of three films

RIDM Award Winners: Short films

RIDM Award Winners

Cinéma Public is proud to partner with the Rencontres internationales du documentaire de Montréal (RIDM) to present some of the award-winning films from the festival’s 26th edition. This program features the winners of the short and medium-length film competitions.



Best International Short or Medium-Length

Aylin Gökmen | 2023 | Switzerland | 18 min | Turkish, Kurdish with English or French subtitles

A profound and visually beautiful film painting a vivid tableau of the ongoing Kurdish struggle for identity expression and political rights. The film manages to emotionally engage the viewer through a strong personal story which unfolds the broader context of the situation, boldly using a wide pallet of cinematic tools.”



Best National Short or Medium-Length

Anthony Ing | 2022 | Canada, United Kingdom | 18 min | English

“A cleverly conceived and beautifully edited cinematic exploration transcending into an existential relationship with the image of the self. Jill – a forgotten background actor, morphs from film to film, adapting to new embodiments while the viewer is confronted with the whole life span of a human being resurrected from the cinematographic oblivion.”



Special Jury Prize, National Short or Medium-Length Film

Nicolas Renaud, Brian Virostek | 2023 | Canada (Québec) | 36 min | English, French with English subtitles

“An audiovisual dialogue between the present and the past, that delivers a strong political message by exposing the white man’s supremacy, colonial attitude and means of control, and its patronizing protection over native people, landscape and animals.”


Please note that the screenings on December 2 and 3 are Cinéma Public presentations, and that passports, accreditations and ticket books produced by the RIDM will not be accepted.

FST - French subtitles
EST - English subtitles
CC - Closed captions

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