Des travailleurs d'une ferme agricole industrielle dans le film RESSOURCES


Hubert Caron-Guay, Serge-Olivier Rondeau
2021 - Documentary - 99 min

Homegrown cinema


Québec (Canada)
Spanish, French
French or English

The meat industry is booming in Quebec, Canada, where huge factories use standardized production methods to convert vast herds of livestock into meat. They hire asylum seekers, mainly from Latin America, so they can continue to produce at competitive rates.


This observational film splits its focus between the workers and the animals; between the parallel lives whose paths are destined to cross in the factories. We see new arrivals talking with a community organization that mediates between the workers and the factory, their stories and expectations intercut with scenes of overcrowded pigsties and cows milked day in, day out, and giving birth in chains. (F3M)


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