REGARD à distance :
youth program

7 short films
 - Animation - 60 min

International cinema

REGARD à distance :
youth program

France, Denmark, Canada (Quebec), Netherlands, Switzerland, USA

Festival REGARD offers you a selection of short films from its 25th edition. You will discover a friendly animal opera in the forest, then meet a queen who makes her subjects wear funny clothes. You will witness a single-parent God having fun with his new software, the adventures of sparkling Vanilla in Guadeloupe and a zookeeper struggling to understand the message we try to convey to him. Finally, you will be charmed by the courage and imagination of young Julia and will be captivated by traditional Inuit throat singing.


Maestro by Illogic Collective
France | 2019 | no dialogues | 1’40 minutes

À la mode by Jean Lecointre
France | 2020 | French | 8’40 minutes

Tales from the Multiverse by Magnus Møller, Mette Tange et Peter Smith
Denmark | 2020 | no dialogues | 6’59 minutes

Vanille by Guillaume Lorin
France, Switzerland | 2020 | French | 29’26 minutes

Inkt by Erik Verkerk, Joost Van Den Bosch
The Netherlands | 2020 | no dialogues | 2’20 minutes

My Last Day of Summer by Kristina Wayte
United States | 2019 | English with French subtitles | 8’38 minutes

Katinngak by Glenn Gear
Quebec (Canada) | 2020 | no dialogues | 1’30 minutes


For little movie enthusiasts 11 years old and under!

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