Gaya Medeiros dans une scène du film An Avocado Pit

Projection Poïpoï: Short films

Multiples filmmakers
 - Courts métrages - 75 min

International cinema

Projection Poïpoï: Short films

The Cinéma Public is delighted to welcome Projection Poïpoï for a free screening of short films. On the program: the crème de la crème of contemporary short films. Admission free, subject to availability. Arrive early to secure your place!



Édith Jorisch | 2023 | Canada | 15′

On the occasion of a very special celebration, a mother-hostess has brought together a large banquet of mothers and their perfect children. The meal orchestrated by the hostess is suddenly disrupted by strange disturbances. What lies behind the scenes of this ideal world?


ON XERXES’ THRONE (Στον Θρονο Του Ξερξη)

Evi Kalogiropoulou | 2022 | Greece | 16′

A dystopian workplace at the Perama shipyard. The ban on physical contact has transformed human interaction into otherworldly simulations. The suppression of touch has alienated workers’ communication, transforming the shipyard into a landscape fraught with alienation and repressed sensuality beyond stereotypical heteronormative desires. According to local legend, the Persian king Xerxes witnessed the crushing defeat of his fleet from his throne in present-day Perama.



Yegane Moghaddam | 2023 | Iran | 7′ | French subtitles

A young Iranian woman reveals her school memories on the folds and fabrics of her old uniform. She admits that she is nothing other than a “woman” and explores the roots of this idea during her school years.



Tician Lagier | 2023 | Canada | 2’30

This is the story of a father who must declare his son “Bob Milton”, a name that has been handed down from father to son for generations. Unfortunately, the law prevents him from doing so, and an epic, violent odyssey ensues in the hope of naming his son as he wishes…


AN AVOCADO PIT (Um Caroço de Abacate)

Ary Zara | 2022 | Portugal | 19’30 | French subtitles

Larissa, a trans woman, and Cláudio, a cisgender man, meet one night on the streets of Lisbon. Two people, two worlds, dancing their differences into the wee hours of the morning.



Chloé Alliez et Violette Delvoye | 2021 | France | 11′

Tonight’s the big party at Claire’s and it’s going to be so cool. Plus, Jimmy’s coming. Everyone knows he’s here for Maya. But does she have her heart set on Jimmy?

FST - French subtitles
EST - English subtitles
CC - Closed captions

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