Sofia Coppola
2023 - Drama - 110 min

International cinema


United States, Italy

Priscilla Ann Wagner was just a teenager when she meets Elvis Presley at a party. Yet their mutual attraction is undeniable. Neither of them suspects the tumultuous relationship that awaits them. Marked by a stormy union that will take them from a German military base to Graceland, a dream estate, the young bride remains a passive witness to her husband’s transformation into a veritable myth of American song.


Sofia Coppola’s unprecedented incursion into the female perspective of the Presley couple, inspired by the Elvis and Me memoirs written by the Priscilla herself, unfolds as a director’s signature work, offering a new, intimate portrait of a young woman thrust into the limelight before she had a chance to define her identity.


FST - French subtitles
EST - English subtitles

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