Kelly Depeault dans Noémie dit oui de Geneviève Albert

Noémie dit oui

Geneviève Albert
2022 - Drama - 113 min

Kelly Depeault dans Noémie dit oui de Geneviève Albert

Homegrown cinema

Noémie dit oui

Quebec (Canada)

Noémie, an impetuous but endearing teenager, has been living in a youth centre for three years. When she loses all hope of being taken back by her mother, Noémie runs away from the centre in search of her bearings and freedom. She joins her friend Léa, a former member of the centre, who introduces her to a gang of delinquents. She soon falls in love with the flamboyant Zach, who turns out to be a pimp. A shrewd strategist with ambiguous feelings towards her, Zach encourages Noémie to become a prostitute. Initially reluctant, Noémie “says yes” and falls into the life of an escort overnight.


In collaboration with Québec Cinéma.


Available online until November 30, 2022. 

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