Mothers of the Rainforest

Asociación de Mujeres Parteras Kichwas del Alto Napo AMUPAKIN
2019 - Documentary - 77 min

International cinema

Mothers of the Rainforest

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Alongside the next generations of AMUPAKIN, we meet the Kichwa women leaders of Alto Nappo and are graciously taken into their practices of midwifery. Having benefited expecting mothers from within and beyond their community for centuries, these Indigenous women’s knowledges of medicine and shamanism, so often challenged by colonial beliefs, operate preeminently in Mothers of the Rainforest. As a collective effort of resistance from the Amazonian Kichwas, the film is a beautiful statement of identity and the sharing of ritual forms.


Free screening, subject to availability. First come, first served! We advise you to arrive early.

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