Judy Garland dans le film MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS de Vincente Minnelli

Meet Me in St. Louis

Vincente Minnelli
1944 - Musical - 113 min

International cinema

Meet Me in St. Louis

Holidays at the movies (2022)


In 1903, the city of St. Louis is preparing with excitement for the World’s Fair, which celebrates the centennial of the sale of Louisiana to the United States. The Smith family is also looking forward to this great event, even though some of its members have other interests. Young Esther, for example, is concerned that her older sister’s prospective fiancé does not seem to want to announce himself…


A family chronicle in four segments, told with an incomparable sense of color and modesty by a Minnelli who signs his first collaboration with Judy Garland.


Co-presented with Noël chez Isidore

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