May December

Todd Haynes
2023 - Drama - 117 min

International cinema

May December

United States

Elizabeth, a well-known actress, comes to meet the woman she’ll play in her next film: Gracie, a woman who, two decades ago, gave up everything for a crazy love affair with a 13-year-old teenager. After prison, marriage and children, the couple is now living a peaceful existence… After Carol, Todd Haynes takes a famous news story as his inspiration, and examines a new female duo: a “simple” housewife who was once sulphurous, and her double who scrutinizes, examines and interrogates her. In this Bergmanian-influenced psychological thriller, the mirror game becomes a fascinating chase in which Julianne Moore and Nathalie Portman, at the top of their game, revel in America’s obsession with scandal.

FST - French subtitles
EST - English subtitles

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