Man of Ashes

Nouri Bouzid
1986 - Drama - 109 min

International cinema

Man of Ashes

North African Queer Film Festival

Tunisian Arabic

The North African Queer Film Festival is presented by Dhakira Collective.


Hachemi and his friend Farfat are part of a group of distraught young people. Hachemi’s forced marriage is experienced as a sudden turning inward, bringing back painful, repressed memories of their childhood, traumas that they carry into their long adolescence. Man of Ashes unveils a secret world, hidden from Arab society, that glorifies the power of men, their virility, which explodes in Hachemi’s impossible marriage… A huge scandal on its release, Nouri Bouzid’s film is one of the most audacious in Arab cinema.


Un certain regard – Cannes 1986


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