Gena Rowlands dans une scène du film Love Streams

Love Streams

John Cassavetes
1984 - Drama - 141 min

International cinema

Love Streams

English, Spanish

Brother and sister, Sarah and Robert have an unshakeable love for each other. And yet, they have nothing in common. Sarah, passionate to the point of insanity, gives her all to those she loves. Robert, on the other hand, is a loner with short-lived relationships, and the ardor of his feelings is waning by the day. They reunite after years apart: will love be able to soothe these two lost souls?


Love Streams is a remarkable film that engulfs the viewer in a deluge of sublime, bewildering feelings. Throughout this inquiry into the nature of love, Gena Rowlands once again proves her genius with a performance both luminous and fragile.


Berlin 1984 — Ours d’or, FIPRESCI Prize

FST - French subtitles
EST - English subtitles

Cinéma Public,
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