Image du film Les oiseaux ivres (Jorge Antonio Guerrero)

Les oiseaux ivres

Ivan Grbovic
2021 - Drama - 104 min

Homegrown cinema

Les oiseaux ivres

Canada (Quebec)
French and Spanish

Willy (Jorge Antonio Guerrero), a Mexican drug-cartel worker, has made a fatal mistake: he has fallen in love with his boss’s wife, Marlena (Yoshira Escárrega). Both go into hiding separately. A desperate Willy believes Marlena has fled to Montreal. He eventually finds work as a seasonal migrant worker in rural Quebec, where he becomes entangled in his host family’s domestic turmoil — which is reflective of his own experience in the cartel. Weaving through the intersection of love, desperation, and the harsh realities of globalized labour, Drunken Birds reveals the humanity at the heart of all work, and how the tenuous relationships between employee and employer can quickly transform into exploited and exploiter. — TIFF


Representing Canada at the 2022 Academy Awards – Best International Feature Film


available until 01/02 for $11.99

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