Alma Pöysti et Jussi Vatanen dans une scène du film Les feuilles mortes de Aki Kaurismaki

Les feuilles mortes

Aki Kaurismäki
2023 - Comédie dramatique - 81 min

International cinema

Les feuilles mortes

Finland, Germany

Holappa goes from job to job and gets fired every time for drinking on the job. Ansa works in a supermarket and spends her evenings listening to the news on the radio. The two lonely people meet by chance at a karaoke party. Then love takes shape during a trip to the cinema. The inimitable Finnish filmmaker has lost none of his sensitivity, caustic humour or immense respect for the world’s underdogs. Against a backdrop of social desolation, he delivers a luminous and generous work, while raising the many obstacles that stand in the way of those who seek happiness.


Jury Prize – Cannes 2023

FST - French subtitles
EST - English subtitles

Cinéma Public,
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