Image tirée du film LE MYTHE DE LA FEMME NOIRE de Ayana O’Shun

Le mythe de la femme noire

Ayana O’Shun
2023 - Documentary - 94 min

Homegrown cinema

Le mythe de la femme noire

Québec (Canada)

An investigation into the image of black women in society, from the hypersexual Jezebel to the lovable Nanny to the sassy “Bitch.” Experts say the Black community is the minority most affected by images created centuries ago. Black women, acclaimed leaders in their fields, tell of the challenges these representations of them bring to their lives. Their compelling stories are supported by fascinating, never-before-seen archival footage from centuries past to the present.


RIDM 2022 — Magnus-Isacsson Prize


Available to rent from April 17 to July 31.

FST - French subtitles
EST - English subtitles

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