Tanja Bjork dans le film LE BRUIT DES MOTEURS

Le bruit des moteurs

Philippe Grégoire
2020 - Drama - 78 min

Homegrown cinema

Le bruit des moteurs

Quebec (Canada)

Alexandre works for Canada customs as a firearms instructor. In the wake of an investigation, his executive director puts him on a two-week suspension for sex addiction. Back at his mom’s, who owns the Napierville raceway, he meets a young Icelandic female drag racer who’s a big fan of filmmaker André Forcier . . . For his début feature, Philippe Grégoire goes out on a limb with a fragmented, resolutely offbeat tale set in a Quebec no man’s land, spiced with dry humour and a mind-blowing sense of style. Car fantasies, the need for speed and truly singular characters populate this strange, whimsical tale for grownups. (nouveaucinema.ca)

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