Rocco Sait dans une scène du film Greyland


Alexandra Sicotte-Lévesque
2022 - Documentary - 78 min

Homegrown cinema


Québec (Canada)

Greyland is the story of what was the fastest shrinking city in the United States, Youngstown, Ohio. Once the booming centre of American steel, when the bottom fell out of the industry in the 1950s, 60% of the population moved out. Today, 37% of those left, live beneath the poverty line. Like Rocco and Amber. A recovering heroin addict turned urban archeologist, Rocco hunts through hundreds of abandoned houses. Vintage clothing, records, art works, everything he finds goes to Greyland, his art gallery come thrift store, to be converted into cash. Meanwhile Amber is a single mother and the president of the Neighborhood Association of Homeowners, leading the fight against city hall for their inaction in cleaning up her neighborhood. “We want to believe,” Amber says, “that there’s good, hopeful things coming.”


Presented in collaboration with Espace Maurice on the occasion of the group exhibition Datura, featuring works created in Youngstown during a residency in the fall of 2023.

FST - French subtitles
EST - English subtitles

Cinéma Public,
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