Pierre Hébert à l'oeuvre dans une scène du film Graver l'homme : arrêt sur Pierre Hébert.

Scratches of Life: The Art of Pierre Hébert

Loïc Darses
2024 - Documentary - 75 min

Homegrown cinema

Scratches of Life: The Art of Pierre Hébert

Québec (Canada)

Since the 1960s, celebrated animator Pierre Hébert has experimented with the full gamut of styles, from abstract animation to more narrative approaches, as well as collage, drawing and live performance. Employing an arresting black-and-white palette punctuated with animated flourishes, Scratches of Life: The Art of Pierre Hébert unwinds the thread of the scratch-on-film technique, guiding us through the inspiring labyrinth of Hébert’s life and work. The intimate, creative approach pays homage to his protean oeuvre, fusing his human and artistic journeys into one. Director Loïc Darses in turn relies on novel imagemaking concepts to capture the imprint of an extraordinary artist who, to this day and even while battling illness, continues to create, striving to share his vision of new forms of life.

  • Thursday, Jun 6
    - EST
    With Pierre Hébert and Loïc Darses in attendance

  • Friday, Jun 7
    - EST

  • Saturday, Jun 15
    - EST

FST - French subtitles
EST - English subtitles
CC - Closed captions

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