Une créature volante plonge vers une victime dans le film Gamera: Guardian of the Universe

Gamera: Guardian of the Universe

Shûsuke Kaneko
1995 - Genre film - 100 min


Gamera: Guardian of the Universe


Special screening as part of the annual CJLO 1690AM funding drive.


The Earth is prey to prehistoric creatures called Gyaos, while humanity and the military seem to be losing control. Gamera is back to fight his sworn enemy, a prehistoric bird.


CJLO 1690AM is Concordia University’s campus radio station. 100% non-profit, and run almost entirely by volunteers, the station is located in the heart of the Loyola campus in the NDG borough of Montreal. CJLO’s on-air personalities are the backbone of the station and there are over seventy DJ’s spinning for your listening pleasure. 


During the Funding Drive, the station raises funds for new equipment, student positions, and other necessary upgrades, all while creating engaging specialty programming and hosting in-person events to showcase all the CJLO community has to offer! 

FST - French subtitles
EST - English subtitles
CC - Closed captions

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