FIFEQ - Programme 1

2023 - Event - 130 min

Free program

FIFEQ - Programme 1

Cinéma Public is delighted to welcome the FIFEQ ! Since 2003, FIFEQ-Montreal has been committed to democratizing visual anthropology and ethnographic cinema through a free film festival, entirely organized by volunteers with diverse backgrounds including anthropology, art history, filmmaking, and urban studies. This year, in its 20th edition, FIFEQ-Montreal offers a moment of resilience in the premise of the memory. In this pivotal phase of its history, the festival showcases the rich tapestry of cinematic and ethnographic realities it has presented over two decades.


The May 8 program is free; admission is unrestricted, subject to availability.


Dans les coins des autres

Bastien Magenties | 2023 | France | French | 23 minutes

An exploration of our relationship to domestic space and its preservation, through the experience of Melany, a cleaning lady who works all day in the privacy of others.

North American premiere


From my World to Yours

Alice Villela, Hidalgo Romero | 2022 | Brazil| Portuguese with English subtitles | 14 minutes

Visual anthropologist Alice Villela and Hidalgo Romero create a sensory film that captures the shamanic experience and relationship to the world of an indigenous political leader and shaman from the Kariri-Xocó community. The latter travels to the city of Sao Paulo and calls on his ancestors through the Maraca, a small percussion instrument, to confront the violence and injustice of this world.

International premiere


Adieu sauvage

Sergio Guataquira Sarmiento | 2023 | Colombia, Belgium | French, Spanish with French subtitles | 92 minutes

Sergio, the film’s director/narrator/participant, returns to his native Colombia to meet an indigenous people, the Càcuas, on the brink of extinction. His aim is to study the suicidal phenomenon affecting them, but Sergio’s prolonged contact with the locals prompts him to rethink his work. Through his immersion, the ethnologist takes a reflexive look at the lives of the members of this community, and at himself.

FST - French subtitles
EST - English subtitles
CC - Closed captions

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